Celebrity publicists generate press and media exposure for their famous clients. They also help manage the celebrity’s public image and book appearances. A celebrity publicist typically must know how to write press releases, network and deal with the media, as well as have strong communication and people skills.

A celebrity publicist oversees the public image and manages all media relations of a celebrity client, which can include famous actors, singers, authors and sports stars. They also typically coordinate publicity events and make sure the client knows where to go and what to do. Other responsibilities may include writing press releases, releasing statements, escorting clients on red carpets and attending press junkets. They field questions and act as a liaison between the celebrity, journalists and the general public. Celebrity publicists may also generate their own publicity by pitching story ideas to magazines, radio shows and newspapers about their clients. If the client does something that can be perceived negatively, it is up to the publicist to conduct damage control.

It is extremely important for a publicist to have a direct relationship with their clients. The publicist becomes the ears, mouth and voice of the client to the media and general public. Their job is to communicate with the client often and directly to discuss their needs, learn and develop personality traits and examine expectations. This makes their business relationship very unique.

A celebrity publicist is on the job 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They oftentimes have to work long and late hours, as well as be willing to travel with their client as needed. It is their job to make sure the client is happy and everyone’s needs are met. The main duties of celebrity publicist also include fielding questions from the media, securing interviews for their client and maintaining a positive relationship with the press.


The Publicist

Born and raised in Brooklyn East New York, “Mocca” is no stranger to the arts. The first time she feel in love, it was with Music, then with Hip Hop. She was writing short stories, poems, articles, songs and plays since 3rd grade, and in high school wrote poetry for the honors english classes to study.

With a family full of musicians and singers, she was introduced to all genres of music at an early age. She was also exposed to fashion as a child. Her mother modeled for many designers that were up and coming.

Currently living between New York and Atlanta, she started a full media company called Mocca Brand Media. Mocca is an active member of the community, organizing yearly food & coat drives, sponsoring families for Thanksgiving, and supporting various charities, such as HIV/AIDS, Sickle Cell Anemia/Thalassemia, Breast Cancer Awareness, Anti-Bullying, Anti-Gun Violence and many others. She’s been a contributing writer for several magazines and blogs that include, Music Is Life Magazine, Across The Fader and Shadyville DJs. She is also a publicist, specializing in brand awareness and media, social media, marketing, and the former host of an extremely popular multi-network online Radio Show named “Empire State of Grind,” airing in New York, Atlanta, Chicago and Vegas.

She is involved with many major projects and has an outstanding rapport within the industry. With unique style, unconventional techniques, confidence and dedication, she walks the walk, and wears a big hat with each role.

Most notably, with her publicists hat, she currently assists with the careers of clients such as Chubb Rock, The Husel aka Musiq Soulchild, KeKe Simpson, Sunshine Williams, celebrity shoe designer and artist, John Ashford, multi-award winning director, Michael A. Pinckney, hip hop artist, Ransom and a vast number of previous clients, like Doc Ice of Whodini, WNBA Player, Yolanda Moore, LOVE Nightclub, many more.

Also a member of Universal Records super A&R, Kevin Shine’s “TasteMakers,” and a member of Jineea Butler’s “Hip Hop Union,”  Mocca is a force to be reckoned with.